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10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Home in Sacramento, CA

Unfortunately, it’s not enough these days to hide your money under the mattress or lock your front and back doors. It’s common sense to keep your car doors locked or put your car inside the garage. These days you need to make your home look occupied all the time, and that may mean leaving your locked car in the driveway. As society has become so technologically savvy, so have the following ways we can make our homes, our families, and our possessions safer.

  1. Install a Strong, Solid-Wood Front Door
  2. Use Timers to Make It Seem Like You’re Home
  3. Keep a Piece of Wood in a Sliding Door Track
  4. Use a “Beware of Dog” Sign
  5. Add a Security Sign to Your Yard
  6. Add Motion-Sensor Exterior Lights
  7. Don’t Announce Your Vacation on Facebook
  8. Don’t Let Your Mail or Garbage Build Up
  9. Put Your Valuables in a Safe Place
  10. Add Glass Break Sensors

It’s also a good idea for insurance purposes to take pictures of your possessions. Chances are you don’t have the receipts for everything that is valuable to you either monetarily or sentimentally. In addition to making a “valuables list,” take pictures of your electronics, jewelry, artwork, and any valuable furniture you may own. If those items have serial numbers, add those to your list, which will make it easier to identify anything that is retrieved in the future.

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