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Why Work with Our Insurance Specialists

Life Insurance in Elk Grove, CAAre you searching for talented insurance specialists to help you with life insurance in Elk Grove, CA, or other policies? The team at the Eugene C. Yates Insurance Agency is happy to assist you. Here are just a few reasons why people like to work with us:

  • An Established Company – Since 1946, our business has been serving individuals and business owners throughout California with fantastic services. How many other local insurance companies have that much experience? Because of this, we are incredibly knowledgeable about insurance.
  • Excellent Customer Services – When you hire a company to assist you with insurance, you want to work with specialists who will listen to your needs and pay attention to details. Our specialists always speak to you with respect, making sure that you understand every aspect of this important financial decision.
  • Making Great Recommendations – Are you not sure about the insurance coverage you need? We treat every client as an individual, making specific recommendations for your needs. If we think something special will benefit you, our specialists will not hesitate to let you know about it.

Contact the team at our insurance agency to receive a free quote for personal or business insurance coverage. We are proud to work with individuals and homeowners in Lodi, Sacramento, Elk Grove, and the surrounding areas.

Business Insurance for Start-Up Businesses



Business Insurance for Start-Up Businesses

Businesses are exposed to a wide variety of business risks. Insurance products have been designed to provide protection for the different risks that are faced by businesses of different sizes and types.
The purchase of business insurance is an essential investment for business owners. Insurance policies protect the business from the financial consequences of accidents and mishaps that could erode profitability and threaten continuity of the operation.
Small business operations are typically exposed to three common types of risk: property loss, income loss and liability loss. Depending on the nature of the operation, a small business may be exposed to additional risks that are specific to particular industries or professions.
Insurance for business operations is complex, and when considering the purchase of insurance it’s vital to take account of all of the risks that face a business. It’s also important to remember that insurance needs change over time as a business grows or diversifies its operations. To ensure that business assets are fully protected it’s essential to review business insurance arrangements regularly, and to adjust coverage as circumstances change.
The planning stage, before a new business is launched, is a time when a business owner can develop an effective business insurance strategy. Uninsured disasters and accidents have the potential to disrupt business plans, but having proper business insurance in place from the start ensures that business capital is not eroded by unplanned expenses

Selecting the Right Homeowners’ Insurance for Your Home

Homeowners’ Insurance in SacramentoReceive excellent interior and exterior damage coverage, in addition to property and loss coverage, when you select homeowners’ insurance in Sacramento from the Eugene C. Yates Insurance Agency. Our specialists are ready to help you find the perfect coverage for your peace of mind. As soon as you start the process of buying a home, you should contact us for insurance help.

When you start the mortgage process, you will need to have proof that the home is insured for the bank to begin the actual process. The bank that will be lending you money for your home will need to put a portion of the funds towards insurance that will go in an escrow account. Even if you are buying a house without a loan, you should still purchase insurance, as it will protect your property from expenses related to bad weather, accidents, or repairs. We will speak to you about the necessary coverage, as well as any other additional options that are available to you.

Call the team at 44-YATES or (844)313-6100 to ask any questions you may have about procuring insurance for your home. In addition to our homeowners’ insurance, we can also provide you with auto, business, and life insurance.

Insurance Sacramento

Insurance Sacramento

it is well within our scope and our licensing to insurnsure anywhere in the state of California. We have many clients from all parts of the state. We really love to insure

clients in the Sacramento area. We recently purchased the domain name Insurance Sacramento to try and attract more of our neighbors to our business.  Please call, email

or come by the office, we would really like to take care of your insurance needs. We have competitive prices and do our best to give you great service.


Does your Homeowners Insurance Pay for Dog Bites?





Does your Homeowners Insurance Pay for Dog Bites?

If you own a family dog and also own a home, it is important to reveal that fact to your insurance agent when applying for homeowners insurance.  There may be some stipulations regarding your coverage if you own a certain breed of dog or your dog has a history of aggressive behavior.

On the other hand, your pet may be docile and would never hurt anyone intentionally.  You know your dog better than anyone.  However, you must remember that your insurance company is working from a projected risk standpoint.  They do not know your dog’s personality.  They know that dogs that might fit your dog’s genetic profile have been known to be more aggressive than other breeds.  Even if you don’t agree with that tactic, you should not hide the fact that you own your dog to try and protect your insurance coverage.

If your dog did in fact attack someone, you might need to defend him in court.  If you hide him from your insurance carrier, you might find out when it is too late that you do not have coverage to help pay for his defense.  In a lot of cases, owning a dog that falls under the aggressive category of breeds can mean you need to increase your limits of liability on your homeowners policy.  That really is not too much of a price to pay for the defense of your family pet, is it?

Give your insurance agent a call today for a better explanation of your state’s dog bite laws and what type of insurance coverage you have for these types of situations.  You may already have all the coverage you need.  But in case you don’t and you need to purchase increased limits of liability, your agent can help get you all squared away.