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Why Your Small Business Needs Commercial Insurance



Murphy’s Law state that whatever can go wrong, will. That’s why you need commercial insurance to cover any liabilities your small business may face. When you have commercial insurance protecting you from severe financial loss due to damages or lawsuits, you can stay afloat when an uninsured business would have gone belly-up.

Benefits of Commercial Insurance –Commercial insurance is an absolute necessity for small businesses. Your policy will protect you from losses due to property damage, theft, employee injury, and liability.

The Three Types of Business Insurance – Commercial insurance for small businesses can be broken down into three categories:

  • Liability Insurance. Liability insurance protects you in the case of a lawsuit. The insurance will cover damages if your company causes damage to a third
  • Property Insurance. This type of insurance protects you against damages to your business, including fire damage and flood damage.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance. If an employee is injured on the job, worker’s comp insurance will cover the medical expenses.

 Consider Your Risks – The type of small business insurance you purchase will depend largely on the risks that you and your employees face on the ob. A higher premium is beneficial in cases where you employees operate a fleet of vehicles, frequently travel for work, or operate heavy machinery. When you need commercial insurance quotes in Lodi, CA and the surrounding areas, trust Eugene C. Yates. Call us today at 844-313-6100 today to discuss your commercial insurance options.

What to Look for When Purchasing Home Insurance

If your home is destroyed, or your possessions are stolen, can you afford to replace them? For most people, the answer to this question is no. This is why home insurance is so necessary. When shopping for homeowner’s insurance in Sacramento, you need to consider a few things. Not every policy is the same, so it’s important to check out the four key factors of homeowners insurance:

Premium – Your insurance premium is the amount per month that you pay for your coverage. Some policies will give you a yearly quote, while others break it down by month. It’s important to be sure that you can afford your policy.

Deductible – The deductible will tell you how much you have to pay out of pocket when you file a claim. If the damage to your home or the cost of stolen property exceeds your deductible, the insurance will pick up the rest of the cost. For example: If the deductible on your homeowner’s insurance is $3,000, you will need to pay that amount before the insurance coverage “kicks in.” Be sure the deductible on your policy is a reasonable amount – a lower deductible is best, but a low deductible could mean higher monthly payments.

The Specific Type of Coverage – The two types of homeowner’s insurance are market value and replacement value. Replacement value means that your policy will cover the cost to replace your current home. If you go with market value, your insurance will pay you the cost of your home’s worth on the open market.

Discounts – Depending on the policy, you may be eligible for discounts for things like installing a security system.

Exclusions – This one is the most important. Some policies do not cover things like floods and earthquakes. If you live in a natural-disaster prone area, it pays to know what policies you should buy o protect your home.

Eugene C Yates can help you find the homeowner’s policy that suits your needs and your budget. Call 844-313-6100 today!